What is Office Online?

Office Online combines commonly used Office features and real-time co-authoring capabilities so you can collaborate for free with friends and family on shared documents, presentations,spreadsheets, and notebooks.

Create documents, spreadsheets, and presentations online or with a desktop version of Office Save them online in OneDrive

Share with others to collaborate in real-time Go to office.com and start using Office Online right away by signing in with your Microsoft account.

Who is Office Online for?

Office Online is for anyone who wants to collaborate in real time with others on shared projects

Parents, meet Susan

Parents, meet Susan

A working mom, Susan is dedicated to supporting programs that nurture leadership in kids, from Girl Scouts to educational organizations. When she found a great program she wanted to share with the school principal and PTA, she was able to do it efficiently by combining Office 365, OneDrive, and Office Online. She created a PowerPoint presentation about the program’s benefits, saved it to OneDrive, and then used Office Online to collaborate with everyone to come up with a joint proposal that included briefing documents and a schedule. Everyone was able to access the documents and make changes to it right from a browser. Now that the program is underway, Susan uses Office 365 and Office Online to keep a OneNote notebook everyone can contribute to.

A senior in college, Ryan often finds himself working on group projects for classes. Creating a document on one PC and emailing it back and forth just wasn’t working, so for his next project he uploaded a Word document to OneDrive and the group used Office Online to collaborate on it in real time, from wherever they were—dorm room, library, or home—seeing everyone’s changes as they made them. The work went much faster, and as they neared the end, he used Office 365 to add finishing touches like embedding a video. The professor loved their work and they got an A! When Ryan’s in Spain next semester, he’ll use Office 365 and Office Online to share his OneNote journal and connect with friends and family.

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