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Office 365 provide off-premise file storage in the cloud, which gives businesses any-time access to their files from any Internet-connected location. This is certainly a plus during periods of power outages or other disruption that would disrupt a local server. They also offer productivity tools that enable businesses to collaborate, communicate, store, and manage their files. Office Apps for Presentations are useful from every aspect of work as they helps to enhance business effectively, create new terms and collaborations etc.

Microsoft Office 365 has long been the standard software suite for business, and Microsoft's familiar software is available from the Cloud with Office 365.

Office 365 offers many programs familiar to millions of desktop users (and therein lies some benefit to it): Word, Excel (spreadsheets), Hosted Exchange (email), SkyDrive/SharePoint Online (file storage), PowerPoint (presentations), as well as Lync (voice/chat software - but requires an on premise Lync server.) Overall, Office 365 is a more robust suite that Google Apps, with greater complexity/capability within its programs and overall offerings.

• Familiarity with Microsoft products -- It is more likely that employees already use or know Microsoft Office products; therefore, training time will be reduced.
• The likelihood of compatibility issues with customers, vendors and others is also minimized.
• Flexible editing options -- files can be edited directly through a Web browser using limited Web-based versions of the Office software suite or through the Office desktop software suite (based on the monthly plan that you use, or if you already own/purchase the desktop Office apps).
• Hosted Exchange provides email archiving and journaling.
• Broad range of monthly packages and pricing for small, medium, and enterprise companies.

You have to careful while buying Office Apps. You should compare every aspect like
• Compare hard and soft costs.
• Try before you commit. Because both solutions provide short-term month-to-month commitments, we suggest you have two or more users in your organization take both for a test drive to fully understand how they work, and the small differences that may make a huge difference to your users.

The IT professionals can help you in evaluating the various benefits or potential downsides to either of these cloud-based productivity suites, and work with you to decide on the pricing and package that makes the most sense for your business. We'll review issues of data security, product scalability, ease of use and more to get your employees working more collaboratively and conveniently.

Disclaimer: Online24x7 is a Microsoft Certified Gold Partner in cloud solutions and we are also Microsoft Certified deployment Partner for Cloud Solutions. All the brands and products mentioned on this website belongs to Microsoft Corporation, Online24x7 is their partner in sales and deployment for these products.

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