Office 365 for Schools keeps Parents Informed and Beneficial for all

Most parents would agree that it is important to keep track of their children's education given the competitive world we live in. Generally parents would need to wait 9 weeks between parent teacher conferences and the occasional report card to understand how their children are doing.

Unfortunately, today's work environment doesn't inspire time spent in evaluating your child's grades, nor does it give you the space to have a discussion with their teachers and headmasters. Most often than not, parents only find out about behavioural or academic issues once they have escalated and then it requires so much more effort to get the child back on track. Handling special situations gets harder too.

Busy parents need a better way to communicate with their children's teachers and keep up with their progress these days. Today's world has many parents that work a lot of hours and many even travel most of the time.

What's the solution? The use of technology has brought to you, the parent and an option that has been evolving over the last decade. Using online school administration software keeps you up-to-date on your child's progress and activities during school hours.

Now parents can keep up with their child's progress on a regular basis without having to put work on hold. In today's electronic-age, this is the best solution to manage their activities, report cards, progress reports, schedules and disciplinary records from one place and with one application.

Software like this is advanced and gives the parents a real heads up when it comes to their child's school activities. Parents can log in weekly or even daily to find out how their child scored on their term papers. Some parents are even allowed access to the grade book in the online school administration software which will highlight assignment grades and then translate those grades into the accumulative grade point average. A further advantage is in being able to develop the conversation with your child around why the grades are dropping, rather than nagging them to find out what their grades are.

With the availability of this information online, come higher requirements for safety and security. Parents would be given usernames and passwords that are generated by the Office 365 for Schools itself. This is to confirm that no one else can take access to any personal information about the student or the family.

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