Office 365 for Online Conferencing: A New Storm in Telecommunications

"Web conferencing" has taken the telecommunications world by storm and is available across a wide variety of platforms from mobile devices and tablets through to your desktop computer or laptop. You are not bound of geographic location. You can connect to a conferencing call from anywhere whether it's audio or video.

Some of the advantages are:
• You have more ways to interact during the call. Whereas before you were quite limited with a webcam or microphone attached to your computer, conferencing over a mobile device will allow you to walk and talk, or perhaps show someone on the other end of a video call something of significance without too much trouble.
• You can connect in no time at all. Most conferencing apps on mobile phones or software packages on desktops can connect to another call with seamless ease.

The most common type of web conferencing today is video conferencing. Technology today will allow you to connect with up to sixteen other individuals on any given call, and through the software you'll be able to share documents and other attachments. Office 365 for Online Conferencing will also help you build up a sense of trust between you and the person you're speaking to.

Microsoft offers a variety of Web Conferencing Solutions each providing significant benefits and increased productivity for your business. Their two main conferencing solutions are Microsoft Office 365 for Online Conferencing and Microsoft Office Live Meeting. Office 365 provides combinations of Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Lync, and Microsoft Office Professional Plus.

• Microsoft Exchange Online – It Provides reliability and security which is required today. Exchange offers business-grade calendar, contacts, and email hosted through the cloud allowing accessibility via web browser, phone, and PC.

• Microsoft SharePoint Online – Its Efficient and productive collaboration. This simple process maintains documents up to date and easy to access important information online while still preserving security over critical applications.

• Microsoft Lync Online – Microsoft Lync Online allows quick and easy accessibility to those you need to connect with through online meetings, Lync video calls, or instant messaging.

• Microsoft Office Professional Plus – It is Offering a practical productivity inducing platform, Office Professional Plus allows use and functionality of the powerful Microsoft Office applications from almost anywhere. Office Professional Plus streamlines communications allowing quicker finding and sharing of important data. This service provides constant access to the latest versions of each individual application.

With a wide range of functions and benefits Microsoft Office 365 for Online Conferencing provides a efficient and well-organized conferencing solution for your business.

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