Office 365 for Non Profit Organisations

Office 365 is now available as a donation to qualified non-profits. You can get access anywhere to Office applications, plus professional email, video conferencing, and more. Take advantage of the cloud to help your non-profit deliver on its mission.

For year’s small non-profits and big companies could make an argument that:
- We have asked everyone for a donation (at least person we know)!
- We can’t pass out anymore flyers than we already have.
- No one wants to buy our bracelets anymore.

The list of excuses goes on and on. With the rise of the internet the excuses can now STOP! Here are the top 5 reasons to accept contributions on your non-profit website:

1. Sell more Tickets!

Is it time for your annual Holiday Gala or Summers Evening Dance? If so, you better sell all those tickets you have sitting on your desk as fast as you can! You can allow people to purchase tickets to your events anytime of the day without ANY interaction from you or your staff.

2. Get more Donations!

If you have spent hours opening envelopes stuffed with checks, went to the bank (go fast, the bank is about to close!), then had to write Thank You notes by hand to each of the donors, that’s when it hit you I spend a LOT of time doing this. Now you can concentrate on other activities while your website securely collects the name and credit card information of your donors, when YOU are ready - you can then process the donations at any time.

3. Find more Members!

If everyone you know is already one of your Members, it’s time to look a little further for new members. Offering people a way to become a member online saves the member money (stamps, checks, post office run) and removes any Ill fill out the forms and mail it in after I read today's paper barriers. People should be able to join your membership at any level online. You online system should be able to handle membership renewals also.

4. Comparison contributions

It’s a fact the average contributor compares two or more non-profits before making a decision as to which one to donate to. If a person compares a non-profit that has a website with online donation capabilities to the non-profit with the black and white OfficeMax printed flyer which one is the person going to contribute to? I hope you become the charity with the website and online donation capabilities!

Disclaimer: Online24x7 is a Microsoft Certified Gold Partner in cloud solutions and we are also Microsoft Certified deployment Partner for Cloud Solutions. All the brands and products mentioned on this website belongs to Microsoft Corporation, Online24x7 is their partner in sales and deployment for these products.

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