Office 365 and its Deployment

Many organizations are currently opting for hosted exchange services that eliminate all the hassles of dealing with business email. Microsoft's latest version of hosted exchange, known as Exchange 2010, provides the ease and flexibility of using it as a hosted service or as an on premise solution. The whole experience matches that of Microsoft's Outlook client. There is no investment required to use Office 365, for new hardware or for a license.

Why Office 365?

1. Security - With the increasing number of spam, virus and hacking activities thronging the online world, businesses are at high risk as email can be easily affected by any of these. The hosted exchange service employs robust firewalls and systematic scanning of all email received to avoid any security breaches.

2. Mobile emailing system - Productivity increases many fold because of flexibility and mobility. Employees working from home can access their email accounts easily from any location at any given point of time.

3. Reduce all costs - The hosted exchange services neither have any hidden costs nor any upfront fees. They have a policy of charging a pay-as-you-go rate. This reduces all costs generally spent on maintenance, virus protection, set-up and coordination.

4. Equipped for future upgrades - The hosted exchange service can capably upgrade hardware and the systems continuously without wasting time or increasing costs. Thus the email service is always up to date.

5. Technical support- A dedicated IT support team offers reliable support 24 hours a day and helps organizations save on the costs of hiring in-house teams or third-party help desks.

This is the perfect way to store and manage documents that relate to your customers, such as quotes, orders, invoices and so on. However, to make full use of this functionality, you need to install a CRM component onto your SharePoint installation. While this is fine for on premise SharePoint deployments, it is not allowed for Office 365. This is a glaring oversight in Microsoft's cloud vision. However, it is still possible to achieve a workable integration between CRM online and SharePoint 2010 online.

With Office 365 and SharePoint Online, you have a consolidated home for all documents. You can access your documents from multiple computers and by multiple people. Office 365 lets you synchronize all your email, calendar and contacts onto multiple devices. If you use outlook at home and office, you don't have to worry about being on the wrong computer when trying to find a contact at work.

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