• Office for the way you work today

    Office 365 gives you the familiarity and power of Office with the flexibility of the cloud. With Office in the cloud, your applications and files are with you wherever you go, whether you’re working offline at your desktop, online, or on one of your devices. Edit files at your PC or Mac. Email or share files from your tablet. Join an online meeting from your phone. What you need is accessible from anywhere, right up front, and always up to date.

    Manage it all simply

    Office in the cloud is more powerful than ever yet simple to use and manage. And it’s always up and running, so you stay on schedule.

    Get the desktop version too

    Many Office 365 plans include the latest desktop version of Office, so you can work offline or online.

    If you need online services only

    Some Office 365 plans work with earlier desktop versions* of Office, so you can take advantage of Office 365 online access to Office applications and collaboration services.

  • Freedom to work on the go, across devices

    Mobility means you get more done and you can improve your work-life balance. You get a consistent Office experience across devices, so you can move easily from one device to the other and back again. With your Office applications and collaboration tools accessible from multiple devices, you can work where and how you need to.

    Work across your devices

    Install Office on up to five of your PCs, Macs, or tablets, and transfer the installation to new devices whenever you need to—fast.

    Get it done from anywhere

    Edit and share files from any browser with Office Online. Use Office Mobile on Windows Phones and, with some plans, iPhone and Android phones.

    Stream Office to a PC

    With some Office 365 plans, when you’re away from your PC, you can stream full Office applications to any Internet-connected PC running Windows 7 or Windows 8.

  • Tools that free you to get more done

    Spend your time working, not installing, updating, saving files to the right location, and making sure everything stays in sync. Office in the cloud takes care of all this behind the scenes, so you can get right down to business.

    Work across your devices

    Get Office fast Office in the cloud installs quickly across all your supported devices, and you don’t need to uninstall your old version of Office.

    Always have the latest version

    Updates are automatic, so you’re always working with the latest version of your favorite applications, such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook.

    Always have the files you need

    All your files are automatically saved online, even the ones on your PC, so it’s easy to access, edit, and share your latest version on the go.

    Find a plan for your business

    We've developed plans to meet the unique needs of businesses of all sizes, from unified productivity and communication needs to advanced control and compliance capabilities.

    My business needs Office applications only

    To help you manage your changing business needs, we offer several Office-only options:


    Get your questions answered and dig into more detail about what Office 365 can do for your business, what it includes, and how it works.