• Collaborate effortlessly

    You need to get the right people working together to get the work done—not simple in our on-the-go world. Office 365 has the solution: make it easy for people to meet and connect online, from wherever they are, on multiple devices. HD video, screen sharing, and real-time note taking help them do their best work together.

    Save travel costs

    Travel costs can take a big bite out of your budget. With online meetings, you can get up to 250 people together, saving travel time and costs.

    Meet from anywhere

    Find and connect with people anywhere, across devices. Set up meetings on the fly or in advance. Join meetings fast from Outlook or the Lync mobile app.

    Make those calls and IMs easier, too

    Use PC-to-PC calling with audio and video to connect to other Lync users. Share presence, IM, and audio calling with Skype users.

  • Hold more effective online meetings

    Move work ahead faster with online meetings that feel like you’re working in the same room together. With Office 365 you can host or join meetings with HD video for small to large groups and still feel as if you’re all sitting around the same table. It’s easy for different people to lead different parts of the meeting and share their screen, and everyone can take notes in real time so they have a record of it later to keep or to share.

    Share your screen and take notes

    You need to stay on the same page to work efficiently in meetings. With one-click screen sharing and real-time note-taking you can do that.

    Get everybody involved

    During Office 365 online meetings you can easily invite others to lead and share, so everyone can contribute.

    Know who’s who

    You can see pictures or videos of all meeting participants and know who is speaking.

  • See who’s online and connect

    Lots of times you need to ask someone a quick question or send them a piece of information fast. With Office 365 you can take a quick look to see who’s online, send them an IM with the info or question, and get their response fast. Deal done. On to the next.

    See who’s available to chat

    When you need to have a quick conversation, use the presence indicator to see who’s online and available to chat, so you can resolve the question or issue fast.

    IM—an essential tool

    When you want to connect immediately with co-workers or people in other organizations that use Lync or Skype, IM is there.

    Make voice or video calls

    Enhance your one-on-one meetings. Call through your PC to other Lync or Skype users in your organization or in other organizations that use Lync or Skype.

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    We've developed plans to meet the unique needs of businesses of all sizes, from unified productivity and communication needs to advanced control and compliance capabilities.

    My business needs Office applications only

    To help you manage your changing business needs, we offer several Office-only options:


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