Use Microsoft Sharepoint to enhance your business

Microsoft SharePoint is a web application platform that is developed by Microsoft. It was launched in the year 2001. The first version was actually associated with content management, intranet and document management. But the recent versions are equipped with more number of features. SharePoint can be made use of for the purpose of intranet portals, collaboration, intranet portals, extranets, business intelligence and enterprise search. It is equipped with process integration, workflow automation and system integration capabilities.

As per the records Microsoft SharePoint Online is used by 78% of fortune 500 companies. Microsoft SharePoint is a rich server application for the enterprise that facilitates collaboration, provides full content management features, implements business process, and provides access to information that is essential to organizational goals and processes. The latest version of SharePoint which is 2013 is built on previous releases in 2007 and 2010. Microsoft SharePoint 2013 gives a new way to work together.

Why you should migrating to SharePoint 2013 immediately:

                •   Improvement in content management with SharePoint.
                •   Improved social collaboration with focus on social experience and user interface.
                •   Prolonged mobile accessibility.
                •   More insights with improved business intelligence.
                •   To ease the life of developers and users.

Features for Microsoft SharePoint 2014:

                •   It tracks all the activities on which your employees are working and keep in touch with them.
                •   Keep your team connected and Keep projects on track by organizing to get visibility across SharePoint outlook and Microsoft project
                •   Helps to sync content in SharePoint to your desktop
                •   Easily connect with people across your organization and can figure out their interest and past projects thy have worked on
                •   Reduce your infrastructure costs by running SharePoint in the cloud with Office 365
                •   Better branding for Your Web Presence
                •   Improved public-facing website hosting
                •   End User Training

To utilize your internal IT resources on your core business while an IT service provider managing the Microsoft SharePoint migration, the key deliverables from the migration engagement are:

                •   Governance strategy
                •   Migration strategy and assessment
                •   Reduce risk of data loss with code-free customization
                •   System and time efficiencies with data externalization
                •   Content consolidation to simplify migration from legacy SharePoint

Profits for migrating to Microsoft SharePoint Online:

                •   Simplified user experience
                •   Connected to work in a better way
                •   Helps to grow your network
                •   Content gets synced from virtually anywhere
                •   Save time and effort by sharing the documents
                •   Keep your team in loop by syncing it with the applications to track meetings etc.

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