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In this session we will talking Microsoft office365 vs 2013 presented by

Application are moving to cloud these days and so did the Microsoft office switch .Now we have a cloud version of the office from the cloud application of being offered as a service to the users.

Hence the turn software as a service. In other words the user is paying rent to use the software as supposed to own into this software. Microsoft office suite is now available in two flavours.

The desktop solution is called office 2013. The cloud version is called office 365. Office 2013 is the successor of office 2010. It resembles window 8 in its look and feel. While office 365 is the cloud version. It is the similar software as 2013 but it offered as a service. It could work while you are connected to the internet as well as offline mode. Once you reconnect the files get synchronise with the clouds.

Here are the popular suite for office 2013 which is the desktop software home & student, home & business and professional. The home & student edition gives you Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote while home & business edition additionally gives you outlook as well. The professional addition on top gives you publisher and access. The cost for home & student edition is $140 US. The home & business additionally sold for $220 and the professional addition is sold for $400. The desktop office addition are only licensed for one computer. The desktop addition are only available for windows based computers. Also one you purchased say desktop edition you are only purchasing the current version.

The upgrades are not included purchase. Office 2013 gives you 5 GB sky drive storage. Sky drive is cloud based drive that lets you store files in the cloud. File stored clouds could be access from many computers. In contrast the clouds addition start with home premium addition. The home premium cloud addition contains all the application that are included in the professional addition of desktop family. The rent for the cloud home premium addition is $100 per year or $10 per month. At this price you can use office 365 on up to five computers either macro window based and 5 smart phone devices on top of that with cloud version of the office you get 20 GB of skype live space. Cloud office subscriber also get 60 minutes each month of free skype phone calls to 40 countries whether to rent or own.

This depends on various factor which office application you want to use. On how many computers you wish to use office suite no. of years you use one version before considering in upgrade. Let’s say you upgrade after every 3 years. You have one computer and you only need excel, word & PowerPoint. The desktop addition is a cheaper option if you consider the cost for 3 year period. Let’s say this time you need office suite on 3 computers. This time the cloud version is a better option in terms of price. Now let’s say you have two computer on which you need to run office and you also need outlook again the cloud addition is a clear winner . This time let’s say you have one computer and you need access software, again cloud version is a winner. Ms Office needs word, excel, power point on a single computer in most other scenario of office 365 since to be a better option simply in financial terms. Other benefits of office 365 include free skype credits.

You get 15GB extra space on skype drive, documents are secured on the clouds, and documents could be access from any computer upgrades are included for free. You get to choose when you are ready to move to the new version. Office 365 could be used from 5 computers and 5 devices. Computer could be MAC as well. You can use office on demand features to access your office suite temporary from any guest computer on top of your 5 computers. For example a public library pc however currently office on demand features is early available for windows based computers.

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