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Microsoft Lync launched in 2010 and has made working and collaborating with a computer to a higher level. Allowing individuals from anywhere in the world to communicate with each other in real time, by typing a note, talking into a microphone, or sharing their desktop. Lync is available in two different versions, hosted on a server that is owned by the organization or by subscribing to Microsoft Lync Online, which is part of the Office 365 suite of products.

Make sure you have Lync working on your computer. This will ensure that you can login in with your App. Also make sure that you have an iPhone of some sort. Then go to the iPhone app store and search for Microsoft Lync. Once you find the App, you will know as the logo is the same as the one on the computer. Click to install and wait for the application to install on the phone. Once that is complete, set up the app by entering in the login and password that is used on your computer, and then you have Microsoft Lync on your iPhone and can stay in touch where ever you go.

With this added liberty, you will be able to stay in touch with your customers, business associates, and friends while you are on the go. There are some extra features of Microsoft Lync have than other messaging apps do not have. You can set your status from your phone and you can see other contacts status. If you are associated with Exchange, you can see your meetings that are coming up as well.

As a hectic schedule consultant, I find it enormously valuable to have this little app on my iPhone that will allow me to be available to my customers and to my business contact. One time I was in line at lunch and one of my most important clients pinged me with Lync. I was able to respond immediately to his problem and fixed before I had to order; the power of being available on Lync. Allowing them to see my status and the ability to change my status on the fly makes this app that need to be downloaded.

If you work at a place that has Microsoft Lync as their Office Communicator, then you can use your login from your business to use the Lync App. Get with your IT administrator to make sure that it is available.

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