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Office 365 is beneficial for our Business needs. Here we representing its benefits or advantages and reason why you should buy Office 365. We should keep in mind that not all cloud service providers are equal. There are substantial differences between the features, constancy and security of one provider from the other. If you are considering Office 365 as your cloud service provider, then take a look on these reasons on why we think we should Buy Microsoft Office 365.

            •	Easy to Use

                                    Office 365 has an easy to use web interface that allows you to add new users easily, manage their passwords and add storage and much more without 
                                    professional knowledge in IT.

            •	Data Security

                                    Microsoft expends millions of dollar to confirm that their data centres have the premium security as possible. With Office 365, you can sleep peacefully 
                                    at night knowing that no one can snip your data.

            •	Calamities Recovery

                                    All businesses are susceptible to calamities both natural and man-made; data loss caused by these calamities may cause a lot of damage to the development 
                                    of your business. Office 365, with its innovative architecture can provide redundancy with data by storing it at multiple data centres. With Office 365, 
                                    your data is disaster proof as close as it can get.  

            •	Mobile

                                    Office 365 is built up as a mobile solution. You will have access to your files from any mobile device with an internet connection anywhere in the world.

            •	Manageable Software Updates

                                    With Office 365, users can receive the latest version of Microsoft Office Specialized, Exchange, SharePoint, and Lync included in their subscription without 
                                    an increased charge. 

            •	Cost Effective

                                    Office 365 abolishes the burden of buying new servers and software for the organizations every time the business expands, thus also excluding the 
                                    maintenance costs connected with it.

            •	Access your Documents Anywhere

                                    With Office 365 and SharePoint Online, you have a unified home for all documents. You can access your documents from multiple computers (or even your 
                                    smartphone) and by multiple people. Irrespective of how many people or devices are accessing the document, only a single version of the document exists 
                                    on SharePoint. Cooperating with others is now easier with office 365. 

            •	Email Synchronization

                                    Office 365 lets you manage all your email, calendar and contacts onto multiple devices. If you use outlook at home and office, you don't have to worry about 
                                    being on the wrong computer when trying to find a contact at work. 

Disclaimer: Online24x7 is a Microsoft Certified Gold Partner in cloud solutions and we are also Microsoft Certified deployment Partner for Cloud Solutions. All the brands and products mentioned on this website belongs to Microsoft Corporation, Online24x7 is their partner in sales and deployment for these products.

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