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Let your presentations come Alive

Several advanced tools are embedded in PowerPoint that enables you to create attractive presentations. Take the help of breath-taking Designs, great animation, and advanced tools such as 3D models, cinematic motion, etc. and create a highly-attractive presentation.

Upgrade your presentation

Showcase your animation slide-by-slide notes that visible only to you and ensure that you don’t miss anything. You can translate your slides in the preferred language and make sure that the message you are putting across reaches your targeted audience.

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Work Together, Work Better

With office 365 subscription plans , collaborate wonderfully in PowerPoint by using the co-authoring features that allow you to get input from your team in the form of comments. Save your files in Cloud, which lets you quickly access it from anywhere, anytime, and from any device. Moreover, share your work with others easily.

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Real-time collaboration ensures that your team creates the best work. Use the various Office 365 features and real-time co-authoring features through your browser.

PowerPoint has attractive built-in templates in over 40 categories Use them to your advantage and showcase your creations like a professional

Create presentations that look professional, polished and put across your message effectively with tips from the experts