Office 365 Education

Transform pedagogy with Office 365 plans for Education

Office 365 subscription plans for Education provide an easy-to-use, accessible platform for students, instructors, and staff. It comes with the familiar ease and utility along with tools that upgrade the experience of students and teachers who can collaborate, share information in real-time. They can access applications and documents anytime and from anywhere. Office 365 for Education makes Learning and teaching a seamless experience. Virtual Classrooms run smoothly on Android, iOS, and Windows devices.

Virtual Learning is the future of Education.

Try Office 365 for free and get to know how Office 365 for Education provides a collaborative platform for classrooms and helps professionals connect in professional learning forums/ platforms. o365 plans come with Microsoft Teams, so connect with office 365 1-month trial , get access to Training & Support, and use the Office 365 plan for creating a highly safe and advanced learning platform.


OneNote- All you need is One Digital Notebook

Organizing class Notes, materials can be a daunting task, but with OneNote, it’s a breeze managing all the stuff and collaborating with classmates, peers, and colleagues!


o365 subscription plans unify collaboration, apps, and content in one place. Connect in real-time!


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    You can use the office 365 subscription plan until the time you are associated with a qualified school/institution. Notably, your eligibility can be verified at any point in time. After the validity is over, a few limitations set in the plan with the reduced functionality mode. It implies that you can only view the documents, and you cannot edit or share them. The online services associated with the school email address also become defunct. Office Online and OneDrive will not work after the plan expires. To prevent such a scenario, you can easily extend your office 365 packages by verifying your status as an educator. You can also choose to move to the office 365 personal subscription plan.

  • The verification approval process for Office 365 plans for Education is an automated one, and approval is provided instantly. However, in cases where a school/ institution needs to be verified, then the approval process can stretch for up to 30 days.

  • You need not worry as Office 365 offers multiple options to students, and you can surely find one that meets your requirements. Get office 365 for free now!

  • Notably, the OneDrive account which has been assigned to you belongs to the school. So, it should be used for school-specific content only. However, the IT admin can grant permission and make changes at any time.

  • Only the eligible teacher who has been assigned the Individual license for Office 365 Education can use the plan.

  • • To be eligible, you need to have a particular school-specific email address that has been provided by the school.
    • To sign up for an online offer individually, you should be of legal age.
    • Internet Connectivity is a must.