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What is Office 365

Welcome to Office 365 -cloud-service subscription services that have transformed the way people collaborate and work. Office 365 subscription plans comprise of several apps such as Excel and Outlook. With the assistance of robust cloud services such as OneDrive, highly-advanced collaboration tool- Microsoft Teams, office 365 packages enable users to work together, share content, and collaborate from any device.

Office 365 Business

$ 8.25 / month

Office 365 business plans are best suited for businesses that require Office apps and cloud file storage. Users can share data on PC, Mac, or mobile. This service does not include Business email.

Office 365 Business Premium

$ 12.50 / month

The office 365 business premium plans meet the requirements of businesses such as Business email, Office apps, and other allied business services compatible on PC, Mac, or mobile.

Office 365 Business Essentials

$ 5.00 / month

The office 365 business essentials subscription plan is best suitable for businesses that require business email and other business services on PC, Mac, or mobile. In this plan, users do not get Desktop versions of Office apps.

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Optimally use Office 365 by getting the best from the service. With o365 plans , get an array of services such as Premium Email, Office apps, Calendars along with 1 TB of cloud storage! All these features are available with advanced security features across all your devices.

Small business

Office 365 small business plans are perfect for small businesses. They get complete and integrated solutions that can meet their unique requirements.


Office 365 enterprise plans enable you to propel your business further and help you achieve your goals.


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